Murdered for Extra Seconds of Erection

An animal that had been killed appears before the creator, seething with a sense of injustice and rage; the creator has the power to grant the animal a return to the cycle of life in a form of its choice. Humans had killed it so that an insignificant part of its anatomy could be used as an aphrodisiac, and now it wants revenge. 

The animal asks to be returned to earth in the form of a virus with the extraordinary power to humiliate men. The creator agrees, but only on the condition that the agreement should be transcribed into the genetic code of the virus—thus giving humanity a fighting chance. As the virus engulfs the world and wreaks havoc on humanity, scientists must work to determine the source of the calamity and protect people from its effects. The world teeters on the brink of war and only the efforts of researchers stand between humankind and its complete destruction. 

In this science fiction novel, a destructive virus threatens the world, and only a heroic team of scientists can save humanity from itself.

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